About Subvurt

October/ Halloween Critical Massacre on Friday 31st October. Meet 6pm at
central library for a ride around our city

Then we ride to Jackson’s Boat, Rifle Road, Sale, M33 2LX for a Halloween
and Subvurt Transport.

The idea of the night is to:
*bring together politics, fun, dancing and having it music.
*promote cycling
*discuss transport issues
*meet other cyclists and cycling organisations
*have loads of fun
*celebrate Halloween

COME TO THE PARTY. We do ask that people consider sustainable forms of
to get there where possible.

To plan your route there using public transport see:

You can get there on the Trans Penine Trail and also a short walk from
Chorlton through Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve. See map here:


It is part of two groups: Subvert and I Bike MCR where everyone gives
their time and skills for free. We organise events that aim to promote
social change and thought and discussion around important issues. We do
this in our own spare time because we believe that giving our time to make
a change will be worth it.

It will be a free event in order to make it accessible to everyone no
matter their economic situation. We will ask for donations to go to
helping the I Bike MCR cycle campaign.

With 2 areas of ace stuff going on- indoors and outdoors under a marquee!

Indoor Space
8.30-10.30: Films, spoken word performance and speakers from different
transport related campaigns and organisations.
10.30pm: DJ’s playing a variety of Dubstep, Drum and Bass etc.
Inc. KEN EVIL (Bass Camp/Ape)
DEFUNKLES (Solid Earth)

Outdoor Space
8.30pm- The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe perform
9pm-10pm- bike games including a foot down comp, strip track stand
competition (fixie required for most of them!)
9pm- 1am- DJ’s playing reggae, dub, dancehall, funk, garage, house. Inc.
LONGSHOT DJ’s and a back2back special from Louis (Longshot) and Nes (Pick
your own/ i bike mcr)
JACKY FERAL (FOM + Stumblefunk)

If you want to DJ, perform or help out by giving out flyers, helping make
and put up decor etc. get in touch: info@ibikemcr.org.uk

Happening at the Kings Arms (great venue) – in the Studio space at the top of the space – it’s totally packed with talent and music

Friday 28 November 2008
7pm to 1 am
The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom St, Salford, M3 6AN
£5 on the door
advance tickets from electrichelen@googlemail.com

For your delight, Subvurt presents a feast of song dancing and silliness for the benefit of you lovely people and the fabulous Complimentary Therapy Team at Christie Hospital. The line up is a wonderful cross section of manchester musical talent from spikey new folk to post punk and all with a big helping of soul.. There’ll also be information stalls on complimentary and holistic therapy and we’ll be raffling off some top secret signed items that have been donated to Christie’s..

John Stammers creates beautiful and beguiling tales of love and loss, but also manages to create folk-tales of a very modern place. A place that knows no boundaries. A place that we’ve all been to… but will never see on a map. In amongst the Celtic drones, the ghosts of traditional ballads, lies something of the Appalachian mountains and songs of the creeks and peaks. Its soul music for the reflective and the dreamy. A new LP recorded, channeling the spirit of acid-folk players since lost to the ether, melding the fire and ice of country heart-ache and bringing the loose jazz of late night bebop, with a stage presence that’s both welcoming and intense, John Stammers is a man to get lost in, a real life troubadour to follow into the shadows of the forest. John will be joined by Ian Hinton-Smith (Beep Seals /Alfie) and Paddy Steer (Homelife/Yargo) and if we’re lucky, a couple of other members from his illustrious and multi-talented band

Bobbie Peru cook up a particularly demented stew with their ever-changing musical palette, which is an unpredictable mix of stabbing guitars, social commentary and a rhythm section coming through like a freight train. The result: some of the most dynamic, catchy and distinctive compositions that will infiltrate your mind and encompass your soul. Live they are a witches brew of destabilized rock and roll, randomness, style and raw energy, that will leave you breathless and begging for more

Tanante means “peace only” but this crew cook up a rhythmic storm, taking us a far back as we can get to the roots of drum music. They perform the traditional drumming music of West Africa and share a common passion for music, especially rhythm and the rediscovery of its social and spiritual importance. Live, they will have us dancing to the beat of our collective heart… rhythms we can’t see but instinctively feel. Many of the band’s members have undergone intensive training with master drummers in West Africa (in Gambia and Burkina Faso) in order to study the tradition in great depth… and it shows!

David Leach is a Lancastrian with a ukulele (nothing new there you might think) who has also been known to play with, a DD-5 drum machine, a casiotone MT-46, and a glockenspiel. He can do a lot with Wool, and can be found after gigs trying to flog a variety of woollen goods to the general public. Expect sweet and sour new folk songs which tap directly into the naughties zeitgeist : a northern Hefner on cider

DJ Jon K is a man with a prodigious knowledge of music that has made him the first port of call for many of Manchester’s finest Djs and taste-makers when searching out music in his capacity as resident record slinger at Fat City. With a much lauded reputation for playing music from all four corners of the record shop cemented via his seminal Eyes Down night as well as his residency at Friends & Family and guest slots at nights up and down the country. Expect music with a heart and soul…and expect to dance!

Plus a special guest appearance from Wendy and her Friends : feisty girls getting ready for a night out.. be amazed by their hilarious musical talent!

Don’t miss it !

And here’s one that we did EARLIER!!!!


21/09 7:30pm-1: 30am Saki Bar, 2 Wilmslow rd, Rusholme

While the Labour Party conference barricades itself into the GMEX with
tanks and armed guards. Manchester No Borders and the Subvert Crew invite
you to party for a world without borders, states and war and to celebrate
the diverse counter culture in our city!! A night of bands, DJ’s,
poetry, magic, films and food. featuring: The Autonomads, Stray Dog Café
and Lunar Coup (more TBC).

No Borders call for freedom of movement for all, against repression and
borders everywhere. We are committed to Direct Action against immigration
controls and for the rights of migrants and refugees.

For details of more subversive events during the Labour Party Conference
(20th-24th) see our blog for more info.


£3 suggested donation

SubVurt is a semi-regular night taking place in different venues across
the city uniting artists, campaigners, ravers, and anyone who is fed up of
the systems of control and who wants to create a space for all kinds of
randomness and subversion….
choose a theme and get involved!

Subvert is a semi-regular night taking place in different venues across
the city uniting artists, campaigners, ravers, and anyone who is fed up of
the systems of control and who wants to create a space for all kinds of
randomness and subversion….choose a theme and get involved!


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