21/09 730-130 Saki bar, 2 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme

feat. the Autonomads, Stray Dog Cafe and Lunar Coup.

£3 suggested donation

Freedom of movement for all…party for a world without borders, states
and war! While the Labour Party barricade themselves in the GMEX with
tanks and armed guards..restricting our movement around our city, join
Manchester No Borders and the Subvert Crew for a night of music, poetry,
magic and films to celebrate the diverse counter culture in our city…and
to show an alternative to corporate media and entertainment.

No Borders call for freedom of movement for all, against repression and
borders everywhere. We are committed to Direct Action against
Immigration Controls and for the rights of migrants and refugees.

Labour Party Conference 20th-24th Sept. Manchester..check our blog for
more info about demonstrations/talks/entertainment/resistance and


One response to “SUBVURT….BORDERS

  1. Pricey!
    Are these nights fundraisers then, or places to get people together and involved? Hope it went well in any case.

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