Link up with the Libyan community and No borders

Hi there – i’m hanging out with azeldin from the libyan community of dissidents in Manchester. And one of the things that he does is to try to tell people in the UK about how the UK government supports Ghadaffi even thought there are loads of human rights abuses.

I really feel that one of the reasons for this is because a country like Libya is a buffer zone for African migrants coming into the European Union.

To put it simply – if the EU ignores the human rights abuses of Libya then Ghadaffi is more compliant in taking care of the “migrant problem” in Libya rather than doing it within the borders of Europe. There is a similar situation in the Ukraine where huge prisons are built for migrants, and pre-border checks carried out by EU financed private armies.

I did a bit of research and found this text

Check out page 17

From a political point of view, the partnership can also benefit both parties.
Libya is on the periphery of the European Union; it can therefore play a very important role in securing the external borders of the EU. Although it is not the only country that acts as a buffer zone between African migrants and Western states, it can help control the migration flows through its territory. From Qaddafi’s point of view, friendly relations with the European Union are also important for maintaining internal political order. Securing the goodwill of strong external allies, Qaddafi envisages the continuity of his power and the preservation of the internal political structure he has built over the years.

This is from a paper from the Central European University. I love it when they tell it how it is!

Anyway – as no-borders activists and general do gooders, we should hook up with the ex-Libyan communities to spread the word of what Ghadaffi’s government is doing in setting up concentration camps with the complicity of the EU



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