New Banner Image

Tasty Collaborative Cooking

I bet you were thinking, “hot damn, that’s a tasty banner!”, or maybe you were not.

The above banner is the product of a very quick collaboration between mick and louis.

Louis asked, and mick answered:

Q: a fruit,
A: strawberries

Q: a famous person,
A: noam chomsky

Q: a vehicle,
A: robin reliant

Q: a road sign,
A: sheep crossing

Q: a tree,
A: garden hedge

Q: a country,
A: andorra

Q: an animal,
A: duck

The answers were banged into google, mangled through photoshop and splurged onto our lovely wordpress page within an hour, without much care or attention!

Wow, if we can produce amazing image like this so quickly and easily imagine what else we can do.



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